Sinusitis in Manteca, CA

Sinus infections are pretty common, affecting about 31 million people across the US every year. But fear not, because here at Manteca Urgent Care, we’ve got your back. Our professional team is here to tackle sinusitis head-on in Manteca, CA. Your health and wellness are our top priorities, so you can trust us to bring you relief.

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    What is Sinusitis

    It’s basically when the lining inside your sinuses gets all riled up and inflamed. Now, these sinuses are little air-filled spaces in your face, and when they’re not happy, you’ll know about it.

    Types of Sinusitis We Deal with at Our Clinic

    There are mainly three types of sinusitis:

    • Acute sinusitis: This one usually tags along with common viral infections. Symptoms pop up out of the blue and hang around for a couple of weeks.
    • Chronic sinusitis: This type can be a real marathoner, sticking with you for 12 weeks or more. It’s often caused by bacteria or fungi making themselves a bit too cozy.
    • Recurrent sinusitis: Like a bad houseguest, it keeps coming back for more, hitting you with symptoms four or more times a year, each episode lasting less than two weeks.

    What are the Sinusitis Symptoms

    Symptoms of sinusitis can be a real mixed bag, kind of like a grab bag of discomfort. Look out for:

    • A runny nose playing host to some thick mucus.
    • That lovely sensation of post-nasal drip.
    • Your nose feeling like it’s in a perpetual state of stuffiness.
    • Pressure building up in your sinuses like they’re hiding a secret.
    • Headaches that just won’t quit.
    • Tenderness around your nose area, like it’s been through a wrestling match.
    • Saying goodbye to your sense of smell, at least temporarily.
    • Puffy eyes joining the party.
    • A fever spiking up.
    • Feeling like your ears are under pressure, too.
    • Even your back teeth might start feeling the squeeze.
    • The not-so-fresh breath and a sore throat to top it off.

    If you’re nodding along to a few of these, it might be time to chat with our Manteca specialist about getting some relief form Sinusitis.

    How We Diagnose the Infection

    When you come to see us, we’ll take a good look at your medical history and what symptoms you’re dealing with. And don’t worry, we’ll be gentle. We might even use this tiny tool called an endoscope to check out the inside of your nose. It’s painless, promise!

    To figure out exactly what’s causing your sinusitis, our team here in Manteca, CA, might suggest a few tests. We could do a quick nasal swab, check for any allergies, or even take some pictures to get a better idea of what’s going on. It’s all about making sure we know what we’re dealing with so we can get you feeling better soon.

    Treatments We Offer at Manteca Urgent Care

    Sinusitis often stems from viral infections, clearing up within two weeks, but the discomfort can disrupt your daily grind.

    We’ll recommend over-the-counter pain relievers and nasal decongestants to ease your symptoms. Our doctor may suggest home remedies like rest and hydration to speed up recovery.

    If it’s bacterial, antibiotics will be prescribed. Stick to the medication plan as skipping doses won’t help. Trust us to guide you through, ensuring you’re back on your feet swiftly.

    Questions About Sinusitis?
    What People Says

    Individually Owned Urgent Care Clinic in Manteca, CA

    I went to this clinic yesterday in a lot of pain. The staff up front were kind and helpful. The assistant on back treated me with the utmost care and compassion. Dr. Rajesh was amazing. She took care of all my needs not rushed and after her diagnosis and treatment,


    ~ Darlene Maciel

    This place is great! People act like an Urgent Care is a Kaiser or Sutter. Dr. Raj and the ladies there are great. I've been going here for 3 years and even made Dr. Raj my primary care. I have gotten MRIs, blood work, referrals to sleep study and pain doctor all through them. May be wait a little bit but that's expected. I have been referring my family to go to dr rajesh.

    ~ ARC - Bubba

    ~ ARC - Bubba

    I been going here your years now at both the Lathrop and Manteca locations. I have always been well taken care of. Especially Melissa, she is the best. She always takes the time to help me out and explain everything to me.

    ~ Jose Zavala

    ~ Jose Zavala

    DR. RAJ is wonderful as well!! They have been my PCP for 10+ years and several years ago they didn’t have the best customer service but every since Melissa has been there everything I’ve needed or ask for help with she’s went ABOVE AND BEYOND!!

    ~ Janean Evans

    ~ Janean Evans

    Ready to Feel Relief?

    If you’re struggling with the discomfort of a sinus infection, come see us for treatment here in Manteca, CA. Just give us a call at (209) 825-5155 to schedule your appointment.

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